WELCOME TO .netCHARGE ASP.NET Credit Card Processing component

The heart of any ecommerce site is the payment processing solution. .netCHARGE provides unprecedented support for over 50 payment processors and acts as a generic device driver for credit card processing. Switching between processors is quick and simple and in many cases requires changing only 1 line of script. .netCHARGE allows you to process transactions in real-time from your own web site. Since .netCHARGE communicates seamlessly and securely via SSL in the background, your site can maintain a consistent user experience and will not require visitors to be redirected to payment processors sites. .netCHARGE version 9.5 was released August 2023 and is now available for purchase. See a list of new features .

NEW: Winforms and SaaS licensing. Version 7 was PA-DSS 1.2 validated by the PCI Council (.netCHARGE was also previously PABP validated).

.netCHARGE draws upon over 15 years of direct experience offering commercial credit card processing components to clients throughout the world. Released in 2001, .netCHARGE was the first ecommerce component available for ASP.NET and was developed from the ground up to take advantage of the specific features of ASP.NET the .NET framework. Completed with managed code and developed in C# (yet easily used in both VB.NET and C#) .netCHARGE can easily scale to many thousands of transactions per hour. .netCHARGE supports ASP.NET 4.0 and later.

Special Offer: QuickSSL Premium 128bit SSL certificates for $95 / year!

What’s new

.netCHARGE supports more than 50 payment processors and recenlty added PayPal Advanced and Stripe. Is there a processor / gateway you would like to see support added for? Have a feature request or suggestion for the next version? Email to: info@dotnetcharge.com

Our most feature rich and innovative version ever (9.5) was released August 2023 with .NET 7 support. If you enjoy reading long feature lists, click here. Otherwise, download the free trial and experience what .netCHARGE has to offer today.

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  • Seamless Integration:.netCHARGE can be easily integrated with any ASP.NET ecommerce solution or even a simple ASP.NET payment page. Now you can clear credit cards in real-time with a few simple lines of script.
  • Common Interface: As a comprehensive payment software solution supporting all major gateways you can easily change companies without recoding your application. Developers can work with a familiar system regardless of which gateway / processor their clients demand.
  • PA-DSS: Prior validation PCI security standards council. Components are no longer accepted for PA-DSS
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Excellent!!! My customer is happy and so am I. I'll certainly recommend dotNetCharge and your other components to my colleagues. Thanks again!
I think you have a great product [.netCHARGE] for a great price. If it saves us about one hour development time it has already paid for itself.
Thanks, you have a great support team! We are very pleased.
Your product is awesome!
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