As a high performance real-time credit card processing component, .netCHARGE handles client side encryption to enable transaction processing from your site.

This ensures that your site visitors have an intuitive experience and are not directed to the payment processors site to complete the transaction. This also provides greatly enhanced reliability as the component returns the success or failure of the transaction to your ecommerce implementation directly without having to depend on a post back communication from the payment processor.

Keeping your customers at your site also provides continuity and ensures that transactions are not abandoned due to questions over payment processing.

View the 50+ currently supported gateways / processors..netCHARGE provides a common interface eliminating processor / gateway lock in and native "direct connection" to various processors provides major cost savings.

Product Features:

  • Seamless Integration: .netCHARGE can be easily integrated with any ASP.NET ecommerce solution or even a simple ASP.NET payment page. Now you can clear credit cards in real-time with a few simple lines of script.
  • Common Interface: As a comprehensive payment software solution supporting all major gateways you can easily change companies without recoding your application. Developers can work with a familiar system regardless of which gateway / processor their clients demand.
  • AVS Support: The Address Verification Service is enabled on those processors that support it. This uses the address or zip / postal address to help verify the transaction is legitimate.
  • Card Verification Code: This code can help cut down on fraudulent transactions and is passed to processors that support it.
  • Card Verification Code This code can help cut down on fraudulent transactions and is passed to processors that support it.
  • Transaction Types Different processors support multiple transaction types including regular real-time charges (sale), just authorization, post authorization processing, void, refund, force and echeck.
  • Test Mode Allows you to communicate with the systems test server if applicable.
  • Timeout Allows you to set a timeout value if the processor does not respond within a set period of time.
  • Return and Errors .netCHARGE returns simple codes on success, and failure and provides error messages from the processors if applicable.
  • Prevalidation .netCHARGE checks the validity of the credit card number prior to initiating the transaction with the processor. This greatly speeds up the return if the user makes a typographical error when entering their credit card number.
  • Native Processor Support You can now bypass gateways fees and work directly with a processor for your transactions with native Nova support.
  • Database Logging In addition to the text based logging already available, .netCHARGE 2.0 features a new database transaction log which can optionally be enabled. This will log all transaction details to Access or SQL Server and can even automatically encrypt credit card details before storing them.
  • Encryption / Decryption Methods New methods are provided for encrypting or decrypting any sensitive details. The decrypt method can be used in conjunction with the database logging to obtain the actual card number from the stored encrypted value.
  • New Properties added Client IP, Description and more are automatically passed to gateways / processors that support them.
  • New Add Parameter System For new or custom parameters you can now easily define the field and value and pass this information to the gateway / processor.
  • Card Type from Number Methods added to determine credit card type from provided number.
  • PABP Visa U.S.A. Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) Payment Application Validation for Payment Application Best Practices.
  • PA-DSS: v7 previously validated PA-DSS 1.2 PCI security standards council. The PA-DSS program no longer accepts components (the consuming application must be validated).