SSL Certificates

.netCHARGE provides secure communication between your server and the gateway / processor of your choice however an SSL certificate is required to secure the communication between your customers web browser and your server.

Open competition has seen domain registration prices driven down to below $10 from a high of $70. The same trend has taken place for digital certificates. now charges $995 per year for a 128 bit certificate while charges $299 for the same.

In partnership with Geotrust, we are pleased to offer .netCHARGE customers one year authentic Geotrust QuickSSL® Premium 128-bit SSL certificates including a security seal for your site and real-time, two-factor telephone authentication plus the ChoicePoint Unique Identifier (DUNS number equivalent) for $95 -- a major discount off the Geotrust rate of $299. This is the same type of SSL certificate that secures our online store and over 70,000 other companies in 140 countries. This is a single rooted certificate, be sure when comparing certificates to confirm if they are chained certs or single rooted.

You can now save $800+ dollars each year (offer only available in conjunction with a .netCHARGE license purchase)! NEW: Lock in your savings, when purchasing your SSL certificate along with any .netECOMMERCE software you can now increase the quantity to secure a certificate for 1,2,3,4,5 or even 6 years! Save on certificate maintenance and reissues and lock in your discounted rate with additional savings.

NEW: RapidSSL certificates (no site seal) are available for $45 / year!
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New to Secure Certificates?

A certificate is installed on your web server to enable users to securely connect to your web site. When making the connection (through https rather than http) the users will see a lock in the browser to indicate the connection is secure and any communication between their web browser and your web server will be secured via SSL.

If you are collecting credit card information or other sensitive information on your web site you will require a secure certificate.