What's New

Version 9.5 released August 2023:

Version 9.4 released August 2022:

Version 9.3 released June 2021:

  • .NET 5 official support, download from NuGet
  • Each bundle includes both .NET 5 and .NET Framework versions
  • Database layer updated for .NET 5
  • Databases support for SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle in all platforms and OleDB (MS Access) in Windows

Version 9.2 released February 2021:

  • .NET Core 3.1: official support for .NET Core
  • Updated samples and documentation

Version 9.1 released September 2020:

  • Authorize.Net: Added support for getTransactionDetails API
  • NetBilling: Updated response handling
  • Updated samples and documentation

Version 9.0 released June 2020:

  • Authorize.Net: Updated Refund and improve response handling
  • Paymentech Native: Updated to new URLs
  • Updated samples and documentation

Version 8.4 released August 2018:

  • Authorize.Net: Updated to new Authorize.Net API
  • PlanetPayment: Updated to new PlanetPayment API with recurring billing and 3D secure support
  • CardinalCommerce: Support consumer authentication through Cardinal Commerce
  • Updated samples and documentation

Version 8.3 released July 2017:

  • Chase (Paymentech) orbital / netconnect TLS updates, URL updates, now requires client certification
  • QuickBooks required TLS updates (as of July 2017)
  • Authorize.net updated encoding for symbol support in names

Version 8.2 released March 2017:

  • eSecPayment: updated to new server URL
  • itransact: Updated to new module, now all transaction types for credit card and echeck are supported.
  • Ingenico (Ogone): Updated to new security system by using SHASIGN parameter

Version 8.1 released March 2017:

  • Stripe.js support: It makes it easy to collect credit card or bank account details without having the information touch your server.
  • Authorize.NET Accept.js: It makes it easy to collect credit card details without having the information touch your server.
  • MasterCard new BINs support: From October 14, 2016 MasterCard is introducing a new series of Bank identification number that begins with a “2”

Version 8.0 released March 2016:

  • PayPal Form: Support setting IPN Verification URL programmatically.
  • TLS1.2 support for authorize.net, PayPal etc.
  • If your gateway requires SSL/TLS updates to be compliant, please ensure you are using the latest 8.0 release

Version 7.7 released November 2015:

  • Payeezy (rebranding for FirstData Global Gateway E4)
  • SHA-256 certificate support for authorize.net, paypal etc
  • TLS1.2 support requires .NET 4.5 or later and WS2008 or later

Version 7.6 released March 2015:

  • FirstData Global Gateway E4 support

Version 7.5 released August 2014:

  • Authorize.net CIM (Customer Information Manager) and profile support

Version 7.4 released October 2013:

  • TransFirst: prevent error 2 for not setting stateProvince for counties other than US
  • PayPal IPN: populate TransactionID and pending reason with ‘VERIFIED’ status
  • Authorize.net recurring billing XML
  • Google checkout removed (closed down by Google)

Version 7.3 Update 5 released January 2013:

  • Transfirst Process Gateway (TXP) added

Version 7.3 Update 4 released October 2012:

  • Stripe Processor support added
  • Recurring billing support for Stripe added

Version 7.3 Update 3 released September 2012:

  • PayPal Advanced new gateway support added
  • Paymentech orbital account verification (zero dollar auth)
  • Authorize.net zero dollar authorization

Version 7.3 Update 2 released April 2012:

  • First Data Global Gateway: Supports Connect 2 method including bypass form.
  • PayPal: Supports Unicode characters for processing PayPal IPN.
  • Moneris: supports other culture setting for Amount.
  • AuthorizeNet: supports other culture setting for Amount.
  • ItransactXml: supports new Description property.

Version 7.3 minor refresh:

  • Worldpay Secure3D
  • Documentation Refresh

Version 7.3 released February 2011:

  • GlobalPayments recertified
  • US and CA support for GlobalPayments
  • GlobalPayments commercial card, Reversal, Partial approval and force duplicate transaction support
  • PayPal support added for fraud management parameters

Version 7.2 released December 2010:

  • Winforms Bundle launched. Use .netCHARGE in desktop applications.
  • New Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing launched, use as part of a SaaS application.
  • Separate licensing available for Processors, gateways and both!
  • Vital partial approval support and recertification PaypalPro support credit transaction type

Version 7.1 released May 2010:

  • Oracle database support
  • MySQL database support
  • Previously supported for both MS Access and SQL Server
  • Partial authorization support for Authorize.net

Version 6.2 released August 2009:

  • Paypay payflow pro: new API and server support for retired SDK and new server addresses
  • ASP.NET Version updates: Supported on ASP.NET / Framework versions 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0. Minimum requirement, ASP.NET 2.0.
  • Googlecheckout: Support AddParameter for inserting a new XML element
  • Vital: Fixed initialization for processing multiple transactions in a single batch and OrderID length checking.
  • Moneris: Support US merchant accounts in addition to Canadian accounts.
  • EvalonViaKlix: Add validation length for Address and Order (formerly Nova ViaKlix).

Version 6.1 update released January 2009:

  • AuthorizeNetRecurringBilling: Fixed error handling.
  • AuthorizeNET and compatible gateways: Enhance response handling and override encapsulate char in admin.
  • CardNumberStorage options: Disabled, FullEncrypted, FullHashOnly, Last4Digits, FirstLast4Digits. Control card storage for database logging.

Version .netCHARGE 6.1 released March 2008:

  • Nova VirtualMerchant gateway supported: Now supporting Nova Native, Nova Viaklix and Nova VirtualMerchant.
  • Nova native sales tax support: Some merchants may require this for a lower discount rate on certain card types.
  • Paypal authorize / postauthorize transaction types supported: While uncommon you can use paypal like a traditional gateway with two step transactions.
  • eprocessing, paypal, planetpayment test mode optional

Version .netCHARGE 6.0 released November 2007:

  • Version 6.0 adds new native processor support, updated gateway support, country code sync and add parameter XML support and much more!
  • New Native Process Support Global Payments Inc. native processor supported
  • Amazon FPS (Flexible Payments Service) supported, new ewallet solution
  • Protx new API support and Secure 3D support.
  • Realex updated with Secure 3D support.
  • Supports 2 letter country codes for all gateways and processors.
  • Vital updated to support Reversal and Visa card level support.
  • AddParameter expanded for additional gateways.
  • Updated Intellipay supporting Description,CustomerID, enhanced error handling
  • Updated WorldPay additional support for AvsCode and Cvv2 result handling.

Version .netCHARGE 5.7 released April 2007:

  • Version 5.7 adds new and updated gateway support, recurring billing API support and more:
  • PayPalPro API updated to support additional parameters and Express option.
  • New Paypal PayflowPro and Express option without any external dependency.
  • Payflowpro direct support (no COM DLL) previously verisign, now PayPal
  • Recurring billing support for AuthorizeNet, LinkPoint and PayflowPro.
  • Support Tax and Shipping for GoogleCheckout (for calculation on their end)

Version .netCHARGE 5.6 released January 2007:

  • Version 5.6 adds updated gateway support with new API support:
  • PayPalPro API updated: to not require certificate greatly simplifies remote deployment.
  • Barclays Update: Barclays additional account support added.

Version .netCHARGE 5.5 released October 2006:

  • New support: Google Checkout support added
  • New Gateway: Support for NaviGate (MerchantPlus)

Version .netCHARGE 5.1 released June 2006:

  • New Gateway: New Barclays ePDQ Gateway Support added
  • Payment support: Support for ClearCommerce engine added

Version .netCHARGE 5.0 released May 2006:

  • Visa Validated: VISA CISP Validated - Payment Application Best Practices. Security and documentation updates for Payment Application Best Practices
  • New Gateway Support: New HSBC gateway support
  • Updated: Currency Code support for authorize.net and Void support for protx
  • New feature: methods exposed for card identification (to determine type from number)

Version .netCHARGE 4.6:

  • New PayPalPro native support has been added (Website Payments Pro). Now you can process transactions with paypal like other major gateways and processors (direct from your web site) without forcing customers to leave your web site.
  • Enhanced Moneris and expose TransactionOrigin property.

Version .netCHARGE 4.5:

  • New native XML PSiGate support with no com dependecy and full transaction type support (not dependent on linkpoint)
  • YourPayCOM gateway support added (previously only native support was available).
  • Updated Authorize.net support to maintain official certification, 3 new properties added
  • PayReady: Upgraded to the latest version adding AVS and CVV2 support.
  • Have a gateway or processor you want to see supported in .netCHARGE? Contact us and ask about the custom integration program.

Version .netCHARGE 4.4:

  • New gateway support has been added for Innovative gateway which utilizes Innovative Merchant Services (the backend for QuickBooks Merchant Services).

Version .netCHARGE 4.3:

  • YourPay.com
  • Gateway is now officially supported.
  • SecurePay.com Gateway added
  • New gateway support for securepay.com has been added.
  • PayFlowLink Updated
  • New Verisign PayFlowLink return and server now supported

Version .netCHARGE 4.2:

  • Released in February 2005, Version 4.2 adds direct linkpoint support with no dll dependencies and concord EFS support.
  • Concord EFS support has been added. This is a full service processor providing both merchant services and gateway functionality.
  • LinkPoint direct support has been added, this means that linkpoint no longer requires a COM component registration and can work directly with .netCHARGE with no additional dependencies or install requirements. The direct linkpoint support works with the following transaction types: sale, authorize and post authorize.

Version .netCHARGE 4.1:

  • Released in October 2004, Version 4.1 adds Cybersource support, enhanced worldpay account support, paymentech orbital support in Canada and more: CyberSource Gateway Support
  • Paymentech Orbital Canada: 4.1 has been certified with Paymentech Orbital Canada.
  • WorldPay Sub Account Support: Worldpay sub-account support has been added with a new property for selecting preferred account.
  • Vital native processor support enhanced: New property support and additional error handling.
  • Enhanced transaction type selection handling: Added for processors that do not support a given type.
  • Enhanced Verisign Payflow Pro: Now with automated special character handling and added set character return for AVS.

Version .netCHARGE 4.0:

  • Released in August 2004, Version 4.0 adds database field and table mapping, additional gateway support, enhanced Paymentech platform support and more: Database field mapping support: Now you can use your own database table and field naming for batch and database transaction logging by setting a simple property.
  • Australian Gateway Support: Esecpayments gateway support added. Now .netCHARGE supports one of the largest and most established Australian (AU) gateways further bolstering our international support.
  • New Gateway Optimal Payment: Optimal Payment gateway support added.
  • New Gateway Trust Commerce: Trust Commerce gateway support added.
  • New platform support: Paymentech's Orbital Salem platform support added (now supported on and certified for both Tampa and Salem).

Version .netCHARGE 3.5:

  • Released in June 2004, Version 3.5 adds native Vital / VisaNet support with enhanced database integration and batching along with support for the Protx gateway: New Vital processor support: Advanced Vital processor support has been added and .netCHARGE 3.5 has been certified by Vital for direct processing.
  • New Transaction Engine makes using a processor as simple as using a gateway: To support the advanced vital system while maintaining the ease of use customers have learned to expect from .netCHARGE we have implemented an entire transaction engine which automatically synchronizes transactions, settlement, batches and more. This functionality extends the build in database logging and works with MS Access or SQL Server.
  • Vital batch options: Including batch and settle per transaction automatically (ideal for lower volume vendors), batch and settle every x period of time or x number of transactions.
  • Protx gateway support: Support for the Protx gateway has been added.

Version .netCHARGE 3.0:

  • Version 3.0 adds major new direct processor support, enhanced international support and many new gateways: Native Paymentech processor support: Stop paying gateway fees (both monthly and per transaction) with major new native processor support in addition to native Nova already supported, Native Paymentech has been added.
  • Paymentech's Orbital gateway added: In addition to native processor support we have also added support for the Orbital gateway.
  • Ogone Gateway Supported: Adding to the international support already provided by WorldPay, the Ogone processor provides a strong solution for European merchants.
  • Echo Support Added: Aggressively priced merchant accounts and low fees make Echo a great new addition to .netCHARGE version 3.
  • Moneris Support Added: The largest processor in Canada is now directly supported. Moneris is a joint venture of the RoyalBank and Bank of Montreal.
  • PlugNPay gateway support added: New processor provides additional flexibility for clients.
  • New Server License Available: In addition to our affordably priced web site license a new server license has been introduced which allows any number of sites on 1 physical server to use .netCHARGE with any number of payment processor account logins.
  • Existing gateway support has been enhanced to support additional transaction types and more features requested by clients.

Version .netCHARGE 2.0:

  • Native Processor Support: You can now bypass gateways fees and work directly with a processor for your transactions with native Nova support. Authorize.net AIM support: .netCHARGE utilizes technology that has been certified by authorize.net through their ecommerce program. In addition to supporting the latest, most secure system, complete eCHECK and Wells Fargo support is provided.
  • Bank Of America: This processor is now supported natively by .netCHARGE.
  • WorldPay Support: Due to demand from international clients this processor was added and has a special focus on international clients servicing merchants throughout the world.
  • PayPal Support: While PayPal does not provide a traditional advanced gateway interface it has been added due to customer demand. Paypal is ideal for small merchants and low transaction volumes and will require users to be redirected to the PayPal site. As your business grows you can move to one of the supported gateways / processors that will integrate directly into your own site with minimal changes and use your same .netCHARGE license.
  • Database Logging: In addition to the text based logging already available, .netCHARGE 2.0 features a new database transaction log which can optionally be enabled. This will log all transaction details to Access or SQL Server and can even automatically encrypt credit card details before storing them.
  • Encryption / Decryption Methods: New methods are provided for encrypting or decrypting any sensitive details. The decrypt method can be used in conjunction with the database logging to obtain the actual card number from the stored encrypted value.
  • New Properties added: Client IP, Description and more are automatically passed to gateways / processors that support them.
  • New Add Parameter System: For new or custom parameters you can now easily define the field and value and pass this information to the gateway / processor.
  • Many new options added to current processors / gateways, even legacy systems. All available transaction types and advanced fraud-screen features supported by processors / gateways have been added including address verification, card code verification and more. In addition, new transaction types have been added where supported.
  • Samples have been enhanced for greater ease of use with gateway specific settings. Sample payment scripts are provided in C# and VB.NET for use in ASP.NET. Process your first transaction in minutes!

Is there a processor / gateway you would like to see support added for? Have a feature request or suggestion for the next version?
Email to: info@dotnetcharge.com