Native Elavaon Elevating Payments Processor Support:

Elavon logo Elavaon (previously Nova) is the third largest payment processor in the United States with over 650,000 merchants.

.netCHARGE is officially certified with the Elavaon processor and includes advanced functionality to enable you to directly interface with your Elavaon account.

Advanced Transaction Queuing:

.netCHARGE provides advanced transaction queuing support enabling native Elavaon processor support in web based environments where multiple requests at the same or similar times are common. For merchants processing tens of thousands of unique transactions per day multiple merchant accounts are also supported.

High Performance Cache Subsystem:

.netCHARGE caches required synchronization data and performs automated cache population should the web server be restarted or a process recycled for any reason. In such a case current records are obtained while transactions queue and process. This also takes effect on process start in high load transaction environments.

As with all processors and gateways .netCHARGE provides an easy to use interface with common properties and methods. Usage is as simple as setting your login details, setting the customers payment information and running the charge method.